Technician Licensing Class

Mike Conlon, N2EM, will be teaching a Technician licensing class in cooperation with BCARA and the Slippery Rock Community Library. The class will start Saturday, February 13 and finish on Saturday, May 8. We will be using Zoom Cloud Meeting until such time as the pandemic subsides; it's unlikely that we will move to in-person meetings before the course completes. The final class session will be the exam, and will be held in-person at the library. Anyone who finds the exam session inconvenient (such as participants from outside the area) will be advised as to how to find a more-convenient exam session.

Mike is an ARRL-certified instructor, and (as a Girl-Scout volunteer) has all PA clearances (although they are not required here as the course will not be in-person). He holds an Amateur Extra license, has a Ph.D. in Engineering Science, and holds certification from New York State as a secondary mathematics teacher. He also taught secondary mathematics and computer science for 13 years, and college computer science for 33 years.

Anyone interested in the course should contact Karen Pierce, KC3MOB, for registration and to order the textbook. We will be using the ARRL Technician License Manual. Karen is the chief librarian of the SR Community Library. She can be contacted at 724-738-9179 or

Remember that Ham Radio is BOTH social AND distancing!