Most of these, maybe all, are annual events. They are ordered by month and day. Posted are the most recent about which we have information. If the event is annual, this year's event should be during the same week(end) of the same month, but YMMV. Check the contact info!


HamFest information will be updated as it becomes available.


2021 BCARA Swapfest

We're excited to announce our 2021 Swapfest! Come find your "new-to-me" rig or enjoy some face-to-face ragchew after a long 2020.
More info here.

Mansfield Mid Winter Hamfest and Computer Show.

February 16th 2020

Location: Richland County Fairgrounds. 750 North Home Road. Mansfield, OH 44906

Talk-in: 146.940- 71.9pl.

More Information:


Wireless Association of South Hills WASHfest.

February 23th 2020

Location: Home Economics Building, South Partk, 3735 Buffalo Drive, South Park Township, PA 15129 PA.

Talk-in 146.995- 131.8pl.

More Information:


Cuyahoga Fall ARC hamfest.

April 11th 2020

Location: Emidio & Sons Party Center, 48 East Bath Road. Cuyahoga Falls, OH.

Talk-in: 147.270+.

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Two Rivers Amateur Radio Club.

Febuary 16th 2020

Location: at The Spectrum-6001 Smithfield Street Boston, PA.

Talk-in 146.730.

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