Butler County Weather Watch Net on Mondays @ 08:00 pm

The Weather Watch Net will meet at 8:00 P.M. on Mondays Only.

The Butler County Weather Watch Net which began 30 years ago to handle traffic and weather information for the Butler County area, was a source of weather information for more than one Pittsburgh radio and television station. But since that time technology has replaced this method of local weather information and forecasting. Although the Weather Watch Net no longer serves this purpose the net still serves as a point of contact for local amateurs.

The Net is informal and is for the passing of information for Butler County and the surrounding area, all amateurs from "near or far", "hither and yon" are invited to check in.

We hope that you will check into the Weather Watch Net on the W3UDX repeater at 147.36/96 MHz. Note that a 131.8 CTSS tone is a requirement.

Western PA Phone and Traffic Net - 3.983 (7.243, 1.897) @ 6:00 pm

Receives and gives traffic to 3RN and brings to and takes from local nets.

The Weekly Navy Net

Monday - Friday from 4:30 PM to 5:00 PM EST on 14.269 KHz

Listen for "CQ Navy Net" from K3HPS. Doc Wick was a Navy doctor on Chichi Jima for 2 years and we often discuss Navy related topics, daily weather reports, and our own daily activities. All are welcome to join in, even the mud Marines.

Nightly Net at Nine

The nightly net at nine is a very informal. We talk about.... what every we do.

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